Guide to Using De'Aaron Fox Elite Shot Creation Package in NBA 2K23

De'Aaron Fox shot creation package in NBA 2K23 is among the most underrated and fun-to-use packages. This guide will show you how to use it effectively in online games. The package includes hop, spin, step-back jumpers, and more.

Hop Jumpers

The Iron Fox hop jumpers combo well with triple-threat jab steps. To perform the hop jumper, tap the right stick left with your right pivot foot established. Immediately initiate a hop jumper by holding R2 and the right stick down and away from your non-pivot foot. This works well against twitchy defenders who bite at every jab step. It is one of the fastest and best hop jumpers.

Step Back Jumpers

Fox has some of the fastest step-back jumpers. To perform a step back jumper going to your right out of motion, hold R2, tap the right stick up, left, and then tap square. Then hold the left stick down right to combo it together. Use the right stick to initiate your hop jumpers precisely.

Depending on the angle of your launch and the angle of your body in which direction you're moving, you'll get different types of step-back jumpers. Momentum is crucial in NBA 2K23, and you can use it to your advantage by combining attack crossovers and momentum out of a behind-the-back dribble into a drift step-back jumper.

Pull Back Step Back Jumper

To perform a pullback step-back jumper:

  • Get the defence to commit hard to moving backwards.
  • Pull the move by initiating a misdirection dribble.
  • Attack the defender as they are on their back foot.
  • They try to close out hard, but you generate separation, creating a wide-open step-back jumper.

Moving Crossovers

Use the iron fox's moving crossovers into the step-back jumper to generate momentum and force your defender to close out hard. Apply pressure on your defender by initiating that moving crossover. They try to close out towards the basket, and that's when our pullback step-back jumpers create a lot of space.

Double Attack Crossovers

The double attack crossovers combo well into step-back jumpers. Use the crossovers to shift your defenders around, and then combo that with another attack and crossover into a step-back jumper to get a lot of open space.

Bump Step Back Jumper

The bump step-back jumper is a nice animation that doesn't create a lot of separation, but it's a good move to use going to your left. It involves a nice gathering step into a step-back jumper.


De'Aaron Fox shot creation package in NBA 2K23 is great for online gameplay. It includes hop jumpers, step-back jumpers, spin jumpers, and more. Use the moves to generate momentum and force your defenders to close out hard. Apply pressure to your defender by initiating moving crossovers and double attack crossovers, and use the bump step-back jumper to create space. With practice and patience, you can become a master of the De'Aaron Fox Elite Shot Creation Pack.


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