How to Get Free Icons in FIFA 23?

Discover how to acquire the top players of FIFA 23 without spending any money by following the steps in this guide! Learn the best way to get free icons in FUT 23 and become the ultimate player.

How to Get 100,000 Coins in the Transfer Market?

First, you'll need to get some FUT coins. You can't start this method with zero coins, so you'll need to find a way to get some. To do this, go to the Transfer Market and set the quality to gold. Then set the camp style to shadow and look for the minimum price for all available cards. These generally go for about 1,200 coins. Now, look for any cards that look like a deal. After a few seconds of looking, you should find a card that costs around 1,000 coins. Repeat this process until you get to 100,000 coins, which should take a few hours.

How to Use Coins to Make a Profit?

Now that you have your coins, it's time to start the method. Go to the store and find the Classic Packs. Here, you'll open as many bronze packs as you can. Look for any cards that you can turn around for a profit. For instance, if you find a card that sells for 300 coins, you can sell it and make a profit. If you find any cards you can't sell, quickly sell them and add the coins to your total. Keep doing this until you have many bronze players in your club.

How to Build a Silver Team Using Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)?

Next, go to the Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Here, you'll find a few challenges you can complete for rewards. Start with the bronze upgrade challenge. This will give you two Silver players you can store in your club. Keep doing this until you have a lot of silver players.

Upgrade Strategies for Mixed and Premium Mixed Leagues

Then, start putting your silver players into the mixed league upgrades and the premium mixed league upgrades. You can also use the 80 plus upgrade if you have it. When you do this, you'll get an 80-plus rare gold players pack, which you can use to build your team.

Find the Perfect Icon for Your Team with SBCs 

Finally, go to the Icon tab and look for icons you can add to your team. Goalkeepers are usually the easiest to find, as you can find them in the 87 Base FIFA World Cup or the Hero Player Pick. Once you've done this, you can complete the SBCs for free and get a premium players pack.


Using this method, you can get some of the best players in FIFA 23 without spending a dime. Remember to keep grinding those bronze packs and recycling the players into different areas, more chances to score. With some luck, you'll soon have your team of icons.


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