How to Use Safeguards for Maximum Protection in Madden 23?

Are you tired of getting your quarterback sacked in Madden 23? Are you using a free edge protector, thinking it will save AP and help your offensive line? Unfortunately, if you are, you will need to change your strategy. Edge protectors in Madden 23 are less strong than secure protectors, and if you want your offensive line to protect your quarterback truly, you will need to make the switch.

How to Use Safeguards for Maximum Protection in Madden 23?

An Upgrade to the Edge Protector for Enhanced Field Security

The Secure Protector is an upgrade to the Edge Protector, as it can work anywhere on the field. Secure protectors can block defensive abilities such as No Outsiders and Inside Stuffs, whereas Edge Protectors are not. Edge Protectors can be effective against Edge Threat and Edge Threat Elite but not against Double or Nothing or the Milkman X Factor.

Understanding the Nickel 335 Edge Protector and its Impact on Pass Plays

Let's take a look at how this works in practice. For example, set up a Nickel 335 to get pressure and run a pass play. The Edge Protector on your left tackle (in this scenario, let's say it's Tehran Armstead) will no longer block the edge rusher, as the running back will block them instead. This means that the Edge Protector ability will not be able to light up, and your tackle will be susceptible to an instant win.

How Can a Secure Protector Help Block Aaron Donald?

On the other hand, if you have a Secure Protector on your left tackle and a double team on your center and right guard, you will have a much better pocket. The Secure Protector will be able to block Aaron Donald, and you'll have a looping contain walled off by the running back. You'll also have a much better pocket, as the Secure Protector will not be susceptible to an instant win.

Securing Your Offensive Line with Secure Protectors and Nasty Streaks

I recommend that you equip Secure Protectors on your offensive tackles and center. This will ensure that, no matter what you're up against, your offensive line can hold up and protect your quarterback. You can also equip Nasty Streaks or Post-Op abilities on your guards for free if you're a pass-happy player. This way, you'll get the best protection possible with minimal AP cost.


In summary, Secure Protectors are much more effective than Edge Protectors in Madden 23. If you want to protect your quarterback and give yourself the best chance of success, equip Secure Protectors on your offensive line.


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